Christmas Trees

We provide both Cedar, Fraser, Pine and Balsam branch in bundles.  The boughs are cut fresh in the fall and bundled into either 25 or 50 pound bails depending on the clients needs.

Each and every evergreen decoration we manufacture is made by hand by our local artisans with our own locally grown brush.

We have something for every home; whether your clientel are home owners seeking door decorating wreaths, or apartment dwellers searching for patio pots.

Each of our trees is graded in the field before harvest to ensure a consistent quality.  The trees are selected for their colour, density and shape. 

Our top grades of trees are Premiums and # 1. If the trees do not meet the criteria for these grades they are down graded to a #2 or #3.

We also offer table top trees - offered with or without a stand.

Evergreen Boughs

Evergreen Decorations